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Keeping Your Dog Calm on the 4th of July

The 4th of July can be such a fun time for us humans - but for some dogs, not so much! If your pup gets firework-induced anxiety, the whole weekend can be a source of stress.

Here are some of our favorite tips for keeping your dog calm and happy on the 4th.

  1. This might be obvious, but keep them inside! When you do go outside for walks or potty breaks, make sure they're on leash, even if they typically have perfect recall. Firework sounds are inherently unpredictable (duh!) and a scared dog can exhibit behaviors they typically would not.

  2. Create a comfortable, familiar space for them If they tend to retreat to their crate when they're nervous, start there! Freeze some Kongs with peanut butter and put some familiar toys, treats, and a t-shirt or blanket they'll feel cozy in. You can also create a nice space for them in an interior closet or basement where they'll be less likely to hear firework sounds.

  3. Put on the TV or radio Music or TV noise can help blend firework noise in with the background and stand out less each time one goes off. YouTube and Spotify both have pet-centric channels (search "Dog Calming Music" on Spotify, for example!)

  4. Try calming chews or medicines Always follow your vet's guidance here! Some vets will recommend CBD chews or anxiety medications to give your dog or cat a few hours prior to dusk so minimize the anxiety once fireworks start. This can also be helpful if your pet is fearful of those intense summer thunderstorms!

  5. Comfort them If you and your family are going out for the holiday, see if someone your dog likes and trusts is available to hang out with them. Keep calm yourself - stressing about their wellbeing can cause them to sense your stress, while reassuring them that all is well will help to calm them in turn.

Regardless, don't worry! Your pup will be just fine, and simple steps can help them get through an anxiety-inducing weekend as comfortably as possible. As always, please contact us if we can help!

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