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30 Minute Walk or Drop-In $35

60 Minute Walk or Drop-In$60

Overnight House Sitting Stay with Pets (at client's home) - Starting at $125/night

Your sitter will administer all meals, fresh water, treats, and any medication to your pet, as well as walks, potty breaks, and lots of play and cuddle time. Your sitter will also take out trash and recycling for collection, bring in mail and packages, wash the towels and linens they use, and take out their trash prior to departing. 

Overnight Private Pet Boarding (in sitter's home) - Starting at $100/night (dog), $75/night (cat)

Your pet gets to take a vacation too! Your dog or cat will stay privately in one of our sitters' homes. Your sitter will administer all meals, fresh water, treats, and any medication to your pet, as well as walks, potty breaks, and lots of play and cuddle time. If needed, our team can pick up and drop off your pet from your home for an additional charge. 

Pet Goodnight and Good Morning Visits$95/night

Our team will come for an hour before your pet's bedtime and give them a walk, dinner and fresh water, play and snuggles, and get them ready for bed. The same sitter will then come for an hour the next morning to walk them again, provide breakfast and fresh water, play, administer any medication, and get your pet's day started.

​Pet TaxiContact for Pricing

Our team will take your pet to the vet, groomer, or other destinations as needed! This is for scheduled services and appointments – in case of emergency, our team will follow our emergency plan.

​Special Requests – Contact for Pricing

Want your pet in the family photos at your wedding? Need a hand traveling with your pet? We can accommodate a variety of special requests - let's discuss how we can best fit your needs!

Pet Services


Home Check-In – Starting at $35/visit

Are you traveling with your pets, live part of the year out of state, or plan to be away from your home for any length of time? We can come rotate lights, start your car, flush toilets and run showers, bring in mail and packages, cover/uncover patio furniture for the season, and more. One of our team members can also spend overnights as requested to ensure the house is visibly occupied. Get in touch to discuss the specifics of your home!

Fill the Fridge$50

The day before you return, our team member will head to the grocery store for any items you'd like at home upon your arrival! Send us a quick list of what you'd like, or let us know your preferred brands, sizes, etc. and we'll be sure to get exactly what you'd buy for yourself.

Dry Cleaning Drop-off and Pick-up$50

Leave us your clothes to be dry cleaned and we'll have them cleaned and back in your closet when you return.

Gas in Tank – $25/vehicle

Don't worry about filling the tank before you head out on work or leisure travel. We'll make sure to fill any/all of your vehicles so errands aren't the first thing on your list when you get home.

Vehicle Service AppointmentContact for Pricing

Are you due for service on your vehicle but just haven't had time to take it in? Our team will bring your car to your dealer or mechanic, confirm the scheduled services and share with you any reports, and bring your car back home for you when it's ready.

Contractor or Repair AppointmentContact for Pricing

If our sitter is already staying at your home as a part of our 24-hour service, this is included! If your home is vacant, however, our team member can meet a contractor or repairman at your home, let them in without sharing your alarm code or key with them, report any notes back to you, and close up your house when they're finished.

**Please note that some services, such as Fill the Fridge, will include reimbursement on the final invoice.

Home Services and Add Ons

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